Facts about Paint Your Life that you Should Know

Have you ever taken a photo and loved it so much that you wished to have it in a more permanent way. Well, paint your life offers you just that. With paint your life you can convert your photo into an oil painting through the services of the best painters ever. This is a concept that is being embraced by many people but still there are those who do not know much about paint your life. If you are one such person, worry not because this article will help you know a little more about paint your life. Here are a few facts about paint your life that you need to know about.
Here is how paint your life works. For more info on Oil Paintings, click Paint Your Life. You pick the photo that you would like to be converted to an oil painting. Once you select your picture, you upload it then embark on selecting the type of painting. There are several types you can click on them to see how your picture would look like as a painting. Once you find a type of painting that you would like on your photo, then you can proceed to other things.
You then select the dimensions of the painting. At this point, you can choose the sort of frame that you prefer for your painting. However, you do not have to choose at this point because you may prefer to wait so that you choose a frame once you see the way the painting will turn out.
There is an option of selecting the painter you want to paint your picture. Click www.paintyourlife.com  to read more about Oil Paintings. The goodness is that if you do not know the nature of their work you can preview some of the work they have done before because they have some of their previous work for you to see. If you find their work to your liking you select them then you can leave special instructions that may not be captured in the general details.
The painter will get to work, and you will have two opportunities to preview what they are working on so that you can advise on any changes that you may wish to have included. If you like what they are doing, they will proceed and complete the painting. When it is complete, you can select a frame if you had not yet done so. It will then be shipped for free to you. The best part is if you do not like it or it's not as you had requested you can have your money back since there is a money back guarantee. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_painting.